Organic Certified Grains

All of our ingredients can be processed under the Organic Certified Standards and also under the Conventional Standards.

We are developing technology to sterilized all of our ingredients to bring the microbiological count to zero. This will allow food and nutraceuticals manufacturers to formulate with our ingredients with the confidence that they are using sterilized ingredients that will never compromise their finished products in the market.

Chia Ingredients

Within this division we are mostly specialized in the production, processing, and exporting of Organic Certified Chia Seeds. We produce Black Organic Certified and White Organic Certified Chia Seeds in various countries to diversify and reduce the weather risk naturally involved in the agriculture business. We started producing Organic Certified Chia back in 2007 when Chia was not a widely known grain. That made us one of the first growers to produce Organic Certified Chia Seeds in the world. The learning curve to produce Organic Chia has been steep but full of learning and positive experiences on the way.

We are committed to the production and development of new and better ways of producing Organic Chia and expect to contribute with our knowledge to make sure more people in the world can access this highly beneficial and nutritious grain. We are exporting to multiple countries in the world and expect to continue expanding our customer base with our products which include

Evi has developed multiple Chia based ingredients which are manufactured in the USA. We follow all the food safety standards required by the FDA. We also follow HACCP and GMP practices that are required to secure a hazard free supply chain securing the food safety and sanitation in our ingredients. The list of ingredients that we manufacture include the following:

  • Sterilized Black Chia Seeds
  • Sterilized White Chia Seeds
  • Milled Chia
  • Defatted Chia Flour
  • Fully Soluble Chia Powder
  • Cold-Pressed Chia Oil

Fresh Specialized Plantains

Within this division we are involved in the production of Specialized Hawaiian type Plantain. Our main market for this product is the ethnic market within the US. We are currently exporting this product from Ecuador to the East Coast of the US and continue expanding as the market demands the product. Hawaiian type Plantain is a special variety of plantains that is softer than the regular "barraganete" and "curare" variety. It also cooks tender and remains soft and fresh through time.